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Alarm Security Bar
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Alarm Security Bar

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The Alarm Security Bar adds security and protection to your home.
  • Protects ANY Room in your Home
  • Makes powerful siren or barking sound
  • Heavy Gauge Steel

Product Description

The Alarm Security Bar adds security and protection to your home. The Alarm Security Bar protects any room any time, home, dorm, office, hotel and more. It secures your home from intruders.

The alarm sounds when the door knob is touched, and can make a powerful siren or barking dog sounds. The Security Bar is made with heavy gauge steel construction and there is no installation required.
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Alarm Security Bar Reviews

Alarm Security Bar Reviews

Alarm Security Bar
1 star rating by on 09/26/2014

It is too difficult to set the sensitivity for the alarm sound. Still don't know if its correct so Im just using it like a would one with no alarm. Disappointing because I waited for 2 months to receive it.

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Alarm Security Bar
1 star rating by on 02/28/2017

Another good idea, only when it works. The alarm is a battery hog. While testing it out over a couple of hours, I drained 2 9 volt batteries. The db level is so low that it would not wake a sleeping dog. The metal contact around the collar does not contact the door knob only the neck of the door knob which does not activate the alarm. The collar has to be touching the knob for the alarm to sound. If the bad guy on the outside who is trying to manipulate the door knob is wearing gloves the alarm will not sound an alert. Apparently it it must pick-up the electrical conductivity of the skin to activate the alarm. I've removed the alarm unit and replacing it with another unit that is more sensitive and a lot louder to alert me from a dead sleep. I understand you are the marketing arm, but you should do more testing on products that you market. I've read other reviews who have had the same problems with their Alarm Security Bar. Thanks, Frank

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