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Balloon Bonanza

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Create dozens of water balloons in seconds.
  • Attaches to any standard hose
  • Fill up to 40 balloons in seconds!

Product Description

Balloon Bonanza makes it simple to create dozens of water balloons in seconds! Just attach Balloon Bonanza to any hose, turn on the water and watch the balloons fill and automatically tie themselves.

Balloon Bonanza's rapid cylinder system enables you to fill 40 balloons at once, while the aqua sealing technology ties them tight so they're ready for flight. The best part is there's no assembly required and Balloon Bonanza's compact design is small enough to fit in a pocket so you can take the fun wherever you go.
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Balloon Bonanza Reviews

Balloon Bonanza Reviews

Balloon Bonanza
5 star rating by on 09/18/2015

There is a trick to getting these to work correctly! While you are filling them, rest them in the container so they are not hanging freely. It also works to fill the container with some water and rest them on the surface of the water when filling them. This way, the gravity and weight of the water won't pull the balloon off the filling stick prematurely. Found this out the hard way, but once we figured it out, they worked great, filled up entirely, and didn't slip off until we lifted them (once they appeared full). Great fun and what a convenience!

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Balloon Bonanza
5 star rating by on 09/18/2015

These totally work if you follow instructions! It probably helped that multiple friends on Facebook had posted videos of their kids filling them, so I knew what to expect. I filled a large cooler with some water, attached the balloons to the hose, and hung them close to the water. The first batch I was overly cautious and they were a little too small, so I used more water pressure with the others and it worked great. 120 water balloons in less than 5 minutes. I'll definitely buy them again, but I have seen them for $8 in some stores.

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