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Better Brella

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The ingenious new umbrella with reverse open close technology!
  • Double-layer construction resists wind up to 50 MPH.
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Keeps the wet surface away from you when closing.

Product Description

animationBetter Brella is the only umbrella that utilizes "Reverse-Open Technology" - so you can get in and out of any door, without getting wet!

It closes on the reverse side, creating a water-proof cone to wet surface, locking in all the moisture for later disposal. This unique closing mechanism comes in handy when entering cars or moving indoors, as it prevents all the droplets from spilling all over your floor, or yourself.

Regular umbrella rods are cumbersome, so Better Brella was further reinforced by giving it a Double-Layer Canopy, and embedded the metal rod in between those layers to double its durability. The wind-proof feature means that our umbrella can be used under the harshest of conditions, and the Extra-Wide Brim protects you from getting wet.

Better Brella has reverse-open technology to make car or door exits / entries hassle-free during the monsoon or winter seasons. Because of its unique design, our Umbrella closes while keeping the wet surface AWAY from you, keeping yourself, your car interiors, or your floors dry.

Better Brella's double canopy / layer construction allows it to withstand wind speeds in excess of 50 miles / hour, or otherwise strong-enough gusts that will cause your standard umbrellas to collapse on by itself. High-quality locking mechanism snaps our umbrella into place, allowing it to keep its spread, and will not force-close by itself randomly.

32" length from tip to handle; 41.5' extra-wide canopy spread.
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Better Brella Reviews

Better Brella Reviews

Better Brella
5 star rating by on 05/05/2017

I really LOVE this VERY INNOVATIVE umbrella! Very well designed, stands up well in WINDY conditions!

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