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Better Bulb

by New Easy
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The bulb that's always ready - even when the power is out!
  • LED 850 lumens = 60W equivalent light
  • Fits all standard light bulb sockets.
  • Works like a normal light bulb and lasts a life time.

Product Description

animationBetter Bulb is an LED light bulb that works even when the power goes out.

Ordinary light bulbs draw a lot of power and only last for around 1,000 hours. Better Bulb is an LED light bulb that's the same size and shape as a regular bulb, but only uses 1/6th the power - and still works even if the power is out!

The secret is Better Bulb's internal battery, which charges itself up while the light is on and stays ready to use when power is unavailable. Better Bulb will still shine bright for up to 10 hours in the ON position with no power at all.

Better Bulb also comes with a handy carry handle with a built-in on/off switch, which you can use to hang the bulb for light wherever you need it. When it's not being used as a regular light bulb, it's perfect for camping, emergencies, or lighting the way in dark places.
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Better Bulb Reviews

Better Bulb Reviews

Better Bulb
5 star rating by on 07/18/2018

This is really a good investment for when you loose power in the house. These are easy to use and light up your room like you still have power on.

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