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Seat Solution
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Seat Solution

by Ontel
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Deluxe Seat Solution, orthopedic seat cushion.
  • Helps Relieve Nagging Backaches
  • Promotes Proper Sitting Posture
  • Restores Spines Natural Shaped Curve

Product Description

Deluxe Seat Solution, orthopedic seat cushion. Seat Solution as seen on TV is the sit right, feel right, comfort cushion. Sitting can damage your back by placing excessive pressure on your spine. Seat Solution the orthopedic comfort cushion is designed to help relieve nagging backaches, numbness and discomfort while you sit.

Seat Solution promotes proper sitting posture. The wedge design tilts your lower back forward restoring the spin's natural "S"-shaped curve while the "U"-shaped cutaway eases pressure on the tailbone to help your spine relax. The high-density cushion provides a therapeutic layer of comfort. Its dual-sided cover has breathable fabric on one side to keep you cool and comfortable while the other side is water and stain resistant just wipe clean. Features built-in handle for portability.
Whether you are working on a computer or driving to work or at a sporting event, Seat Solution will cradle you in comfort.
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Seat Solution Reviews

Seat Solution Reviews

Seat Solution
4 star rating by on 04/18/2012

I like to use my cusion at work as I am sitting typically up to 12 hrs a day. It helps me to sit up a little more due to the design. I appreciate the sut-out because of all the sitting my lower back, tail bone and seat bones can begin to ach.. but with the cusion I have more stamina and less pain.

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Seat Solution
5 star rating by on 04/26/2014

I bought the seat solution because I injured my tailbone. It helped so much that I bought a couple more, one for work and one for the car.

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Seat Solution
5 star rating by on 08/08/2013

I have severe sciatic nerve pain from spinal stenosis. My dtrs. bought this for me and I sit on it whenever I am not in bed. It really relieves the pain off the tail bone. I went and bought another one as I have a 3 level house and want another one for each level. Best design I have found and I take it everywhere with me. Love, love this product. Stitcher

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Seat Solution
5 star rating by on 03/06/2012

I am in a wheelchair and I am always looking for ways to help my back...My legs go numb because I sit so much, so I am excited to get this product. My dr. actually suggested this months ago but I couldn't find it...Thank you

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