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Restore 4

by Tristar


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Don't clean it...RESTORE it!
  • Great for porcelain, fiberglass, tile and grout
  • Quick and Easy
  • Removes rust, hard water stains, lime scale and calcium deposits

Product Description

Now you can make dull, dingy tile and grout look brand new with Restore. Eliminate rust and stains from porcelain sinks, tubs and fiberglass showers. Remove hard water and lime scale. Even iron deposits and soap scum are no match for Restore 4.

As seen on TV Restore 4 works below the surface where the real stains settle in over time. Only Restore 4 gets to the stain, where the stain is. Why clean a stain, when you can let Restore 4 do all the work and eliminate the stain for good. Now you can use the same product professional have been using for years.

Restore4 is the miracle in the bottle that restores, not cleans. How many times have you cleaned that disgusting bathtub, sink or shower only to find everything you thought you cleaned has now returned? This is the difference between cleaning with your common grocery store cleaners and restoring with Restore 4. This amazing product works deep below the surface where it not only eliminates those common rust and hard water stains that develop with time, but restores those fixtures and surfaces to a like new finish.

Restore 4 is quick and easy to use. Just pour it on, let it set, and wipe it off. In minutes your surfaces are like new! Ordinary household cleaners can only remove the top layer of surface dirt, but Restore 4 actually penetrates deep down and removes the entire stain.

Works on shower doors, bathtubs, porcelain, floor and tile grout, BBQ grills, tile, brass, copper. Safely removes rust, hard water, lime build-up, calcium deposits even coffee stains.

Restore 4 contains no bleach or ammonia. It is non- abrasive, kills pathogenic bacteria and has a fresh wintergreen scent.
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Restore 4 Reviews

Restore 4 Reviews

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