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Ronco Chip-TASTIC

by Ronco
4.5 22 rating stars     4 reviews

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Make your own potato chips in the microwave!
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Healthier Potato Chips
  • Includes Slicer

Product Description

If you love potato chips but hate how unhealthy they are, then the Chip-TASTIC is the perfect way to satisfy those cravings guilt free!

With Ronco Chip-TASTIC as seen on TV you can create delicious snacks with whatever seasoning you like! Make potato and sweet potato chips or apple, pear and mango crisps.

The Chip-TASTIC comes with a slicer which allows you to cut your food into evenly thin slices for the perfect size chip every time. Makes 36 chips. Dishwasher safe. Making chips is fast, easy and fun.
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Ronco Chip-TASTIC Reviews

Ronco Chip-TASTIC Reviews

Ronco Chip-TASTIC
1 star rating by on 10/12/2016

Doesn't work very well with apples. Would not recommend it!

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Ronco Chip-TASTIC
5 star rating by on 09/06/2014

Easy to use. Produces a quick, crispy, light weight chip that's also a great health food!

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Ronco Chip-TASTIC
5 star rating by on 02/18/2014

i make potato chips perfectly with this, so much better than the other flat silicone one i had, fold the potato into the holders, make sure you dry them first

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Ronco Chip-TASTIC
4 star rating by on 09/28/2013

Crave snacks, and for health reasons I needed better options and it does what it says it does. I love it. It could use maybe 1 or 2 more stacks so you can make more at a time, and then it wouldn't be as time consuming.

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