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Trusty Cane

by Telebrands
5 50 rating stars     4 reviews

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Trusty Cane is one cane you can trust; provides secure, reliable support.
  • Built In LED Light and Ergonomic Grip
  • Folding Design Easy to take ALONG
  • Triple Tread Base Offers Stability

Product Description

Trusty Cane is the one cane you can trust to provide secure, reliable support on any surface. Trusty Cane's triple tread base is designed to improve stability for a more natural stride wherever you go. Ordinary cane tips can slip when you walk, but Trusty Cane's unique pivot lets the cane move with you while the triple tread base holds its grip.

Trusty Cane's folding design makes it more convenient to take with you. Fold it up to make travel easy, then spring Trusty Cane back into action when you're ready to go. Trusty Cane is also stable enough to stand up on its own. It's the walking cane that stands by your side, and makes it easier for you to do the things you like.

What sets Trusty Cane as seen on TV apart is that it comes with a built-in LED light! The ultra-bright LED bulbs light your path ahead while 2 LEDs illuminate the ground at your feet. Trusty Cane's ergonomic grip is comfortable and easy to hold, adjusts to your size and locks in place. Now you can enjoy the freedom to go anywhere you like, stride by stride with Trusty Cane at your side!
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Trusty Cane Reviews

Trusty Cane Reviews

Trusty Cane
5 star rating by on 10/12/2016

Helps elderly get up & walk.

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Trusty Cane
4 star rating by on 03/06/2015

I have hip trouble and groin muscle issues, this helps me get up from a sitting position and occasionally move around the house

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Trusty Cane
5 star rating by on 02/03/2015

I use it every day works well thank you

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Trusty Cane
3 star rating by on 12/31/2014

It is definitely not built for a what it is, its handy, especially for finding your way around between the bed and the bathroom in the dark, and enough strength to stabilize you when you are dizzy.

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