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Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers
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Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers

by Exceptional Products
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Wrap, Snap and Go! comfort hair rollers.
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Curl your hair while sleeping
  • Patented Interlocking Technology

Product Description

Wrap, Snap & Go! comfort hair rollers, as seen on TV.Sleep an extra hour every morning by curling your hair while you sleep!

These rollers are designed for maximum root lift, volume, and spiral curl from roots to ends. Patented interlocking technology lifts hair at the root for greater lift and curl.

Get both traditional and spiral curls. Just wrap and snap, it's that easy! Includes 8 roller + 4 bonus rollers (total of 12) and "Secrets to Beautiful Curls" instruction book

Soft enough for sleeping
100% machine washable
No pins, easy to use
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Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers Reviews

Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers Reviews

Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers
5 star rating by on 09/02/2015

I have used these rollers for years! The curls are big and beautiful, not the skinny old woman look of the old fashioned foam curlers, and if you roll them from the middle, you get ringlets! I wash, mousse, hold the hair up, hold the curler up to the middle of the strand, and wrap the hair around the curler first, tucking the end of my hair where it'll be rolled, then roll the rest of it up, twisting extra tight, and snap. It's so easy, my 6 year old can do it. It takes about 5 minutes to curl my flat hair, thick hair would be maybe ten. I have hair to my shoulders, stick straight, and the curls, after sleeping in them, (I suggest a hair net) last all day, even on rainy days running errands, with no hairspray! These curlers are meant for sleeping in. My daughter has hair halfway down her back. The curl lasts for two days, more if I didn't bathe her. Not for curling dry hair. (Use hot rollers for that.) They are designed for long hair. I suggest Velcro rollers if your hair is less...

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Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers
4 star rating by on 09/01/2015

Finally, someone masters a pillow roller that is spa quality instead of meant to double as a medieval torture device! Sadly, I've been meaning to pick these up at the store for many years, and have simply ignored them, thinking I am too tired to try pillow rollers again and that my stock of 250 doesn't warrant picking up another batch just yet, so I know I am late to the party. Also, this is way too long a review for something as simple and inconsequential as pillow rollers. but there are some very key highlights that I think will prove important to those of you who have an existing love-hate relationship with a beauty product you spend a theoretical 1/3 of your life wearing. I have used pillow rollers (of good quality, given the previously explored corners of the market) for some years, and all too-tight ringlets and spirals-gone-wild aside, they have been one of my favorite beauty sacrifices to make when I have been able to bring myself to do so. Most of the...

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Wrap Snap and Go Comfort Hair Rollers
3 star rating by on 09/21/2015

To their credit, they do produce a curl quickly on dry hair, but if you have layered hair, these are a huge chore to get rolled and keep in. Tip: for smaller sections of hair, try knotting rather than snapping to keep it held.

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